How to Download and Use Free Fonts

by Carrie

One of the best parts of creating your own unique, personalized wedding invitation is getting to play around with fonts! Your computer likely arrived with a large number of pre-installed fonts that you can use, but we're going to explore downloading and installing one of the many free fonts available on the internet. We're going to start by downloading Scriptina Pro - An elegant and flowy script font. Perfect for invitations!

This link will take you to the webpage for the font we're going to download, Scriptina Pro:

Once you click on the link, a page that looks something like this will open:

A word about free font websites:

Sites like are awesome suppliers of free fonts. There are thousands of fonts available on this site alone! However, since these sites aren't making money from selling the fonts they provide, and they need to make money somehow, you'll see lots of ads on their pages - Be mindful of tricky ones that say things like: "Start Download Now". Sneaky!

With that in mind, look for the "Download" button (usually to the right of the font name and example). In this case, it's gray and to the far right. That's the one we want - Click on it, and the font file should start downloading immediately.

Once it's finished downloading, a couple of different things can happen, depending on your computer operating system:

1. Nothing. This is what happens on my computer (Mac). I don't worry, though, because I know that downloaded files always end up in my "Downloads" folder. You can do a search for "Downloads" if you don't know where your Downloads folder is. If you're a PC user you can look to the bottom left of your screen - Downloaded files can usually be found there. Since we know that the name of the font is Scriptina Pro, you can look for the folder so named and open it manually.

2. The more common result of downloading a file is that the file will automatically open as soon as it's finished. If this happens for you, you're one of the lucky ones, and I'm a little jealous :)

Moving on: Double-click on the Scriptina Pro file listed as "OpenType font file". You can ignore the "GIFs".  

Once you click on it, a dialog box will usually open. Click "Install". 

And... downloaded!

Now, you can open Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word and start editing! (If you had Reader/Word open while downloading, close out of it and re-open to make sure that the new fonts load.) Welcome to the wide world of free fonts - Go forth and create!