Brown Paper Moon's first wedding invitation design. June 2012. 

Brown Paper Moon's first wedding invitation design. June 2012. 

About Brown Paper Moon

Brown Paper Moon Designs was created in 2011 as a hobby (though in all honestly, it wasn't a very well thought out hobby). The little shop on Etsy began with a few baby announcements which didn't sell, at all. An expansion into scrapbook pages helped a bit, but it wasn't until June of 2012, when the first Brown Paper Moon wedding invitation was introduced and woah, baby! That's when things really took off.

The shop is now a full time job for Carrie, who works as owner, production manager, accountant, designer and perpetual cat feeder.

Brown Paper Moon has become the answer to the question, "Where does a non-traditonal bride go to get wedding designs that are playful, personal, interesting and quirky without breaking the proverbial bank?"

They go to Brown Paper Moon, that's where.



About Carrie Whipple 

Never one to dream about the perfect wedding herself, Carrie unexpectedly found herself designing wedding invitations for her Etsy shop in 2012, and has since become quite the busy bee with the exciting success of her non-traditional designs.

Carrie firmly believes in all of the non-wedding-girls of the world: Shy Brides who eloped, Geek-Girls who want a huge wedding, but still want their nerdy-ness to be a part of the biggest day of their lives, and Sensible Types with a bit of romance on the side who believe that their wedding day isn't the biggest day of their loves, but that it's a pretty important one that should be honored with cake and pretty things.

As a result of Carrie's own position as a "wedding-outsider," her invitations remain unencumbered by the way things should be according to The Rules, but are completely the way things should be according to her own passing fancies. 




Some completely random facts about Carrie:


1.  I’ve been teaching some form of dance for over 20 years(!)  10 year olds in tap shoes are excellent training in the sink or swim method of instruction… Since then I’ve cycled through ballet, ballroom, salsa, swing, and finally for the past 12 years, tango.

2.  I entered college believing I had a completely useless artistic temperament because of my poor academic record up to that point.  I had no head for mathematics or sciences, and concluded that I was really only cut out for flower arranging or wistful yearning.  After some soul searching abroad, I returned with a mission, switched to Business Administration with an emphasis in small business, and graduated 2 years later.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

3.  I use my degree every day.

4.  I’ve been lucky enough to live and work for a couple of months at a time in several different countries over the years, including England, France, Germany, Israel, and Argentina.  I might be jinxing myself here, but I’m so grateful that I don’t have to travel anymore…

5.  I’ve never played on an organized sports team, except when forced to in high school gym.  I’ve always secretly wished I were good at sports, though.  

6.  I’m learning how to be patient.  It’s really hard.

7.  Favorite smells: 

  • Freshly peeled oranges
  • The Oregon coast at dawn
  • Coffee
  • Library books

8.  Current addictions: 

  • This American Life (I have a little crush on Ira Glass)
  • Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels
  • White Peonies

9.  Karaoke might be my greatest fear.

10. I can pack for any trip for any length of time in under 20 minutes.